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Monuments, Cemetery Markers & Memorials In Billings, MT


Billings Monument Company is a treasured and respected monument company serving the community of Billings, Montana since 1896. The history of our company spans generations as does our commitment to families suffering a loss. We provide cemetery markers, monuments and memorials of the finest craftsmanship and quality. Our monuments and inscriptions will last for an eternity‚Ķ let us help you preserve the memories of lives lost.

Choosing a memorial or headstone for your loved one can be an overwhelming process. We understand the challenge and are here to guide you. There will never be any sales pressure and we work within your budget.

Our mission is to provide families with compassionate service and exceptional memorial products including:

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We Provide Monuments, Cemetery Markers & Memorials In Billings, MT



   About Us         

Billings Monument Company is a beloved, local landmark with rich history in the Billingscommunity.

In 1896, New Yorker, Samuel Hazelton (1877-1961) founded “Billings Marble and Granite Works” which was later incorporated in 1946 as “Billings Monument Company”. Robert Roe, “Bob”, (1949-2000) began a new generation of family operations when he became the majority shareholder after years of working together with the Hazeltons.

Today, Billings Monument Company is still operated by Bob’s relatives, the Geering family. They are a family who remains dedicated to providing dignity and compassion while offering fine cemetery products at reasonable prices.

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   Services with Compassion

Billings Monument Co. strives to serve you and your family with dignity during the remembrance process. We understand the challenges of losing a loved one and aim to help you create the perfect memorial. Our cemetery memorials are crafted from the highest grade material available and highlight our years of experience. We want to help capture the memory of your loved ones with our personalized service, fine craftsmanship and dedication, all at a reasonable cost.
We Provide:
For Your Convenience, We Offer:
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  Our Monuments, Cemetery Markers, and Memorials In Billings, MT


Over the years, we at Billings Monument Co. have touched the lives of many in our community. We are committed to providing experience, expertise and compassion to each and every family we meet.

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In your time of loss, Billings Monument Company is here to address your questions and concerns. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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